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Friday Photo: St John The Baptist Church, Longbridge

Posted August 9th, 2019 by Ellie Gill with 1 Comment

Today’s Friday photo is the gable end of St John the Baptist church in Longbridge. It was built on the corner of Longbridge Lane and Turves Green in 1957 to serve the expanding population around the Longbridge production plant.

When passing this church, I always find myself looking at the carved oak figures on the window mullions. Designed by the architect and carved by sculptor Robert Pancheri. They depict John the Baptist in the centre holding a cross and a lamb, and either side, two old testament prophets; Elijah holding a raven, Isaiah holding a branch, Ezekiel holding a wheel and Jeremiah holding a scroll.

One Response to “Friday Photo: St John The Baptist Church, Longbridge”

  1. colin troth August 9, 2019

    Know it well, went to the local school, it was the first Church I noticed where the copper roof detail turned green.


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