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Friday Photo – 48 Camden Street

Posted June 22nd, 2018 by Anne-Marie Hayes with 4 Comments


I’m still focussing on the Jewellery Quarter – there’s just too many fantastic buildings to discover! This week’s Friday photo takes us to Camden Street, 48 Camden Street to be precise. I pass this building almost every day and it stands out for a few reasons. The first reason is that its facade is incredibly striking, and the second is that the date 1916 is inscribed on the front elevation. That date’s always been significant to me because it’s the year my Nan was born.

So what was this building used for? It’s actually only the facade of the building that dates from 1916, with the original building dating from the nineteenth century. The facade is an extension and refronting of original 19th century houses, by Harry bloomer, who was an architect for G Hopkins and Co Brassfounders. I took the photo from this angle rather than front-on, because you can actually see the line of the refronting of the new facade against the original building – clever idea!

Workshops were constructed to the rear of the property and the new frontage was extended to the south east to give the impression of a completely new factory, and ultimately hide the earlier building. This style, so typical of the period, housed offices at the front with the workshops at the rear, powered by a gas engine. The gas engine was most likely made in Birmingham, a city of a 100 trades!

The site’s currently being advertised as a development opportunity. I just hope that whoever buys it, ensures its history is preserved for future generations to enjoy!

I’m not going to give too much away, but this building has inspired my next Friday Photo…but you’ll just have to wait a month to find out what it is!

4 Responses to “Friday Photo – 48 Camden Street”

  1. Rochielle March 31, 2021

    Hello – I was researching 48 Camden Street and I found your post. Just to let you know that the developers for this property are actually going to be preserving the building. Here’s a link to what it will look like once it’s done. and the project is called The Copperworks. Since we are restoring this building, it will be one of the first ones to be ready and the surrounding around will be done in phases.


    • BCT moderator April 26, 2021

      Hi Rochielle,
      Thanks for letting us know. It’s good to know that it’s going to be restored.


  2. Erika October 9, 2018

    Hi, please, I look for more information about this building as I am doing my Final Major Project (FMP) in the University of Northampton where I am on my final year on Interior Architectural Design. May I please have information about this building and any existing plan of the ground from the old building? All/Any information is welcome.


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