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Friday Photo- Deakin and Francis Building, the home of James Watt!

Posted June 9th, 2017 by Anne-Marie Hayes with 1 Comment

Nestled away in the Jewellery Quarter is the former home of the steam engine inventor and co-father of the Industrial Revolution, James Watt, who lived here between 1777-1790. Watt’s home is located in Regent Place, tucked away from the main streets, and you wouldn’t really know it was here unless you accidentally stumbled upon it. Today the building is home to Deakin and Francis company, who also hold the claim to fame of being the oldest surviving jewellery manufacturers in England, having been established since 1786. The blue plaque on the brick work reads ‘Engineer, Inventor, and Industrial Pioneer, lived here 1777, 1790’. I was once told by a lecturer at university that you miss so much if you don’t look up. He was a historical geographer so it was his job to look up at buildings, but he has an excellent point and that’s advice I live by to this day.

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  1. David Evetts June 9, 2017

    I did not know that! Well spotted.


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