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Friday Photo: The Magnet Centre – Erdington

Posted June 24th, 2016 by Julie Webb with 5 Comments

Magnet Centre

The magnet club building & sports ground was original owned by the famous Witton based company GEC (General Electric Company), which was an important local employer for many years.   The building and grounds were purpose built in the 1920’s as recreational centre for the many employees of GEC. Inside the centre there were dressing rooms and showers in the basement with a social club, cafeteria and shop above. I have family members who used to work for GEC and they have many happy memories of attending dances, meals and sport events from the 1950-80’s.  I’m sure many local people have their own memories of the happy times spent there.

The centre remained in the hands of GEC until May 1984 and was then sold to the Greek Cypriot Association to be used as a community centre. This was achieved with the help of a grant from the former West Midlands County Council and Inner City Partnership Programme.  The Greek Cypriot Association continues to run it as  community centre, with educational classes, games, recreational facilities and a restaurant. A few years ago the Association also upgraded the upstairs banqueting hall and I believe this is now available for hire to the general public.

5 Responses to “Friday Photo: The Magnet Centre – Erdington”

  1. Rob Rolfe January 2, 2019

    Really looking hard for a good picture of the War memorial which disappeared in 1994 – can anyone help please?


    • Vicki Cox January 2, 2019

      Hi Rob,
      Is that the plaque on the wall in front of the building in the photograph? Unfortunately we don’t have one on file. If so, I could try posting the image on our social media again and asking the question. The other possibility is the War Memorials Trust.


  2. Doug Scrivens April 26, 2018

    I worked at C.A. Parsons from August 1967 for 2 years as an apprentice. Played for the works football team and used the Magnet club for lunch and occasional game of snooker. Best pitch in Birmingham. A shilling for dinner and a pud. Great stuff.


  3. Gregory Coole. September 29, 2016

    anyone remember my Father…….John Coole who worked in the design office in the 50s 60s and 70s ? Originally involved in the electrification of the winders.


  4. MICK PARKER July 21, 2016

    as an apprentice at the gec witton,in the 60,s the magnet club was the works canteen, and as an apprentice we had a card to present in the canteen, and we could have a dinner and a pud for 5p .in the basement was a works shop. where you could buy electric goods at staff prices , cookers tv,s radio etc


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