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Friday Photo: Fox and Grapes Pub

Posted November 28th, 2014 by Anne-Marie Hayes with 7 Comments

Fox and Grapes Pub

Although this has appeared as a Friday photo before, I want to draw attention to a building currently at risk. The Fox and Grapes Pub is one of Birmingham’s oldest public houses, and sadly now at threat, due to proposed demolition plans in favour of HS2. The grade-II star listed pub was one of the first buildings to be constructed after the land around Freeman Street was divided into burgage plots between 1724 and 1725. Most of its structure and visible façade was altered in the mid-19th century, so today it appears as a humble Victorian building (and even then, most people fail to recognise its age and history), desperately in need of some love and affection.

7 Responses to “Friday Photo: Fox and Grapes Pub”

  1. Vicki Cox September 21, 2018

    Unfortunately the pub is now more having been recently pulled down to make way for HS2.


  2. Roy Evans November 2, 2017

    Could any one tell me if they remember the land lord at The Fox and grapes in1959? Was it William Evans my Uncle? Please reply thanks.


  3. simone jackson October 7, 2015

    im so sad to see how the fox & grapes has ended up i always dreamed of coming back to the midlands and runninng it myself one day my mum and day ray & tess blewer ran this pub for years and would be heart broken to see it like this x


    • Anne-Marie Hayes October 9, 2015

      It’s happened to so many pubs throughout the city and it’s a shame this one is facing a similar destiny. It’s still standing, so worth a visit if you visit Birmingham any time soon.


    • Joe Ferris September 20, 2018

      Worked at Currigans the bookies at the corner of Park Street. This pub was our local for years(I used it between 1964 and about 1976.Played pool and darts and generally drunk too much as young men.I am fairly certain this was when your parents would have been there.Happy days!


  4. Ray Darby January 24, 2015

    An Uncle of mine ran this pub long before WW2, be a sorry day if we loose it, but the money boys will win.


  5. Gary Dunne December 1, 2014

    Remembered by so many I’m sure as ‘Tractors’ this pub was a favourite of myself and many of my peers. A crying shame to have watched its demise this last few years I’m sure Maureen Attractia Gilligan (Tractor) would be very much saddened to see it disappear as would many of her family and friends.


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