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The Friday Photo: Birmingham Back to Backs

Posted October 10th, 2014 by Tracey Thorne with 1 Comment


About two years ago I started taking the Friday photo for BCT but sadly today it is going to be my last Friday photo.So I am really glad that I get to finish off with my favorite period in history with these Victorian Back to Backs and  that that this photo is about the ordinary lives of Brummies.  It features the amazing Birmingham Back to Backs which are currently run by the National Trust after BCT successfully led their restoration. The photograph is taken inside Court 15 and shows three of the Back to Backs. The story of the Back to Backs takes you on a wonderful journey from the 1840s to 1970s.


One Response to “The Friday Photo: Birmingham Back to Backs”

  1. Darren October 14, 2014

    Hi Tracey, enjoyed this photo and post as this was the first place I worked as a roofer after college – I think I might have helped with the porch in the photo! At the time it was just another building site but now I feel quite proud to have been a part of this.


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