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The Friday Photo: Stone Carvings on the Moseley Dance Centre

Posted August 22nd, 2014 by Tracey Thorne with 2 Comments

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It was really hard this week to find out anything about this weeks the Friday Photo without knowing the old use of this building before it became the Moseley Dance Centre. I have often sat at the traffic lights or walked past the great big door way of the Dance centre and been struck by its beauty and the detail round it. This triangle shaped stone carving sits proudly above the door arch and features what appears to be three craft workers, two men and a women. Maybe someone can get in touch and tell us more about the building?

It is Grade A Locally listed building.

2 Responses to “The Friday Photo: Stone Carvings on the Moseley Dance Centre”

  1. john m September 11, 2014

    See page 89 of Public Sculpture of Birmingham, Noszlopy 1998. The activities of the Institute represented by reference to mediaeval Guilds by Rowney.


  2. Noreen Evans August 23, 2014

    I grew up near here and I can tell you it was Moseley and Balsall Heath Institute. Just type in Moseley and Balsall Institute on Google and it gives the history. Nice to see it still standing.


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