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Listed Derelict Building to be refurbished in the Jewellery Quarter: The Standard Works

Posted April 24th, 2014 by Suzanne Carter with 12 Comments

_MG_0439Glasshouse College is breathing life back into a derelict building in the Jewellery Quarter. The Standard Works in Vittoria Street, built in 1879 and grade II listed, has stood empty for the last two decades. 

The charity is setting up a specialist further education college, providing practical skills therapeutic education for young people aged 16-25 who have a range of emotional and learning difficulties, including Autistic Spectrum Disorders.
Birmingham Conservation Trust is assisting in this first development stage, leading on community engagement and consultation on the plans and we are delighted to be involved.  
SW front smaller

Corner of Vittoria Street and Regents Place

Alongside its work with students, the new project will bring activity into the quarter which the public can enjoy including a café with its own continental bakery, JQ-made honey and produce from its rooftop horticultural garden, a dedicated space for visitors to learn about the history of the Jewellery Quarter, traditional arts & crafts workshops, start-up jeweller spaces and a basement auditorium for lectures, events and theatre.

As part of the development we are talking to local stakeholders, businesses, schools, colleges and heritage venues in the Jewellery Quarter.
We are also asking supporters of Birmingham’s heritage to help shape the plans in two ways – a survey and at an event.

Please take part in our quick survey (and also find out more about the significance of the building)

To encourage responses, there is a £25 Love2shop high street gift voucher up for grabs in our prize draw – Deadline 13 June 2014 (extended).
Just a few minutes of your time could help win grants for the Standard Works’ refurbishment including from the Lottery.  Our on-line survey includes images of the building now as well as the plans for its future…oh, and only a few questions!   Take part in our short survey now by copying and pasting this link into your browser:
or by clicking below!


Check out that wallpaper!

Have a tour around the Standard Works, give your views and show your support!

This event will take place on Saturday 14 June. You’ll need to book on a FREE tour, so please follow the link below to reserve your place.

Please support us as we support Glasshouse College bring this wonderful building back into use.

12 Responses to “Listed Derelict Building to be refurbished in the Jewellery Quarter: The Standard Works”

  1. Hayley February 21, 2015

    Hello there,
    My name is Hayley-Grace Card and I am currently a third year student studying interior Architecture and Design at Leeds Beckett University. I am currently in the process of of doing my final major project and this is the building in which I am proposing the designs for. I have had a tour of the building via the Ruskin Mill trust however they didn’t seem to have much historical information. I was wondering if you had any which could be of any use to me at all please. Anything would be more than appreciated. Thank you, Hayley Card


    • Suzanne Carter February 27, 2015

      Hi Hayley

      I’ll email what I have! One of our volunteers, the lovely Zeta, went through all the trade catalogues from start to 1973 so we have a very long list of companies who traded from there. Best, Suzanne


  2. Suzanne Carter May 19, 2014

    Good news! The scheme has got planning permission!


  3. Jo' Gale (Mrs.) April 26, 2014

    P.S. Suzanne,I forgot to say that I studied Sociology and Education at my Cambridge College. Also, I studied for a Social Studies, at the OU,from February,1974 on wards. Sorry I omitted this information! Jo’


  4. Jo' Gale (Mrs.) April 26, 2014

    Can see it has just come up now! Jo’


  5. Jo' Gale (Mrs.) April 26, 2014

    Drew, hope my e-mail has just come thro’ OK as this is new to me! Please say Yay or Nay. Hope so as I’ve just spent ages writing it! Thanks. Jo’ Gale (Mrs.)


  6. drew April 24, 2014

    Hi, I’ve walked past this building everyday for 6 years and wished I could do something amazing with it, and what an amazing vision you have. I would love to help build this dream. I’ve got a BA and MA in jewellery and silversmithing, a BSc in horticulture, where I focused my interests in sensory gardens for children with autism. I also lecture part time. Any help I can give I will gladly and hope to hear from you soon.


    • Suzanne Carter April 25, 2014

      Hi Drew. Lovely to hear from you. I will get in touch by email. Thank you for your enthusiastic offer of help. Please tell other people you know about the survey! Have you booked onto tour of SW on Sat 14 June? Best wishes, Suzanne


    • Jo' Gale (Mrs.) April 26, 2014

      Hi,Drew, have just read your comment to Suzanne Carter ref.this amazing project. I would like to be involved with working with the students on a voluntary support basis, for a few hours per week. I am a retired qualified teacher with over 30 years of experience of working with students of all ages. I have a Certificate of Education from the University of Cambridge Institute of Education (1966 -1969)and I have studied a BPhil.Ed. course in Special Educational Needs,at the University of Birmingham School of Education(1990-1992),sponsored by the City of Birmingham Education Department to prepare teachers to become a SENCo. At my last post, I was the Special Needs Support Teacher for Language Development and then the SENCo,( Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator) as well once that position was appointed in Schools Nationally,in total spanning 12 years of my career. I don’t know how to contact Suzanne with my offer of help as there is no e-mail add.for her. I’m hoping that you will be kind enough to forward this to her for me! I know the Jewellery Quarter well as it is part of my Family History,which I have been researching in depth since I was 11 years old, as several generations of my family have been involved working there. My two brothers, my parents, my grandparents, my great grandparents have all spent many years of their lives living and working in the area,and it is a subject very dear to my heart. My father, Horace White (1914-1987) was a Diamond and Gem Setter in the “Trade”,for 59years,from the age of 14-21 as an apprentice,then until he died at 73. His workshop was at 61 Albion St.and in my school holidays I used to run errands for him in the “Trade”. One last point, I’m intrigued to know what they made at the Standard Works. I look forward to receiving a reply, from Suzanne,and you,too,if you want to let me know you have received this and forwarded it to her,please. Thanking you in anticipation. Jo’ Gale (Mrs.)


      • Suzanne Carter April 26, 2014

        Hi Jo’
        I can see your email address as I look after the blog so will contact you next week. That’s a wonderful offer! Have a good weekend, Suzanne


  7. andy munro April 24, 2014

    I was JQ Regen Director for ten years until 2013 and also contributed to several editions of a highly popular JQ Tourist Visitor Guide published by Anna Gibson and would be happy to share ,with you ,my knowledge and expertise for what sounds a brilliant project. Andy Munro 07985 169462


    • Suzanne Carter April 24, 2014

      Thanks Andy. I have emailed you today. Speak soon. Suzanne


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