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The Birmingham Architecture Festival 2013

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Birmingham Architecture Festival 2013

Do you really know Birmingham?

Discover something new about Birmingham at the Birmingham Architecture Festival taking place over the bank holiday weekend of May 24th – 27th.

The theme for the festival is “Take a Second Look”. Over the weekend a range of events such as tours, lectures, exhibitions, installations, screenings and workshops, all with the aim of celebrating the city, its architecture, its spaces and its inhabitants and hopefully encouraging all of us to take a second look.

Some of the events taking place include:

Events at BAF 2013

For all you heritage lovers, the derelict buildings tour will be led by the Director of Birmingham Architecture Festival who will take you round the Jewellery Quarter showing you around some of the most interesting derelict sites in the city. This tour will explore why so many buildings have become dilapidated, what their history/ use was before dereliction and ask the question: What can we do to save our buildings?

More details about the festival will be released soon, follow them on twitter @baf2013 and like the festivals facebook page for the latest news.

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