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The Friday Photo – the Lock Keepers Cottage

Posted January 11th, 2013 by Tracey Thorne with 6 Comments

I’ve got a bit behind with the Friday photo due to Christmas but we are back. Every Friday we will post a heritage photo taken in Birmingham. Suggestions welcome or send us your photos?

Last year one of the Friday Photos featured Belmont Row Works which provides a dramatic landmark to the Eastside of Birmingham City Centre. This week’s photo is taken to the south of the Works and features the old Lock Keepers Cottage. The Lock Keepers Cottage (34 Belmont Row)  is a 19th Century narrow fronted house which sits opposite the canal bridge. It provides another focal point at the bottom of Belmont Row.

It was occupied right up to development started as part of Birmingham City Council’s Big City Plan, which led to significant regeneration of the Eastside of the city. It would be good to capture the story of this cottage and who lived there?

34 Belmont Row- Lock Keepers Cottage


Photo by Tracey Thorne


6 Responses to “The Friday Photo – the Lock Keepers Cottage”

  1. Simon Linford July 1, 2015

    Alan, could you get in touch with me about this building. I am a historic building developer (I restored the Woodman and am now on the Christopher Wray factory) and I went to have a look at this today to see what might be done. It is not possible to get in, and I am particularly keen to know whether it has a cellar. The way it is built up from the canal towpath suggests it must have. And also what the internal layout is.


  2. Alan Connolly February 20, 2013

    Great photo of my old home. I was born at no. 34 (middle floor front bedroom) in 1954. Our family first moved in when my maternal great grandfather came up from Bridgewater, Somerset to work on the Railways. My Nan, then my Mom were both subsequently born in the House. Funnily enough not one of 3 generations were lock keepers. I do remember a chap we called ‘Locky’ coming in to have a cuppa from time to time.

    We moved out in the late 60’s and our Next door neighbours, Mr & Mrs Groves moved in. I would love to know why it and the old Eagle & Ball pub close by are still standing.


    • Tracey Thorne February 20, 2013

      Hi Alan wow how great to hear from you. Thank you for sharing about your life at the cottage. I would love to follow up this photo and meet with you if that is possible.


    • STAN FRANCIS February 15, 2015

      Can u remember Alan Connolly if number 50 was still standing when u were there,it was a newsagents my Mum lived at, her name was Corrall, was almost on corner towards Curzan Street opp railway-My Uncle was something BIG at the station his name was Len Hart….do u have any pics of the houses. I wonder if the council took any before they demolished the road?


  3. jenniwaugh January 11, 2013

    Yay! the Friday Photo is back!
    What an amazingly bucolic scene you’ve given us this week. Looking at the height of the grass, it’s hard to equate that little cottage with the knowledge that it is not far from the City Centre.
    Thanks Tracey – I look forward to your pictures!


    • Tracey Thorne January 11, 2013

      Thanks Jenni I love Belmont Row its amazing with the factory at one end and then this old keepers cottage? It would be good to know what the plans are for Belmont Row?


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