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Doors Open for the first Twilight Tour at the Coffin Fitting Works…..

Posted October 26th, 2012 by Julie Webb with 3 Comments

I am Julie a new blogger for the BCT and I thought as one of my first posts I would write about my experiences helping out on the first Twilight Tour of Newman Brothers…..

 The Coffin Fitting Works was transformed tonight into an eerie, yet quite a magical setting; decorated throughout with tea light candles it felt like we had been transported back 120 years to Victorian Birmingham. 

As visitors passed through the old wooden gates, escaping the icy wind blowing down Fleet street,  they perhaps came in the hope of seeing a few ghosts,  but ultimately they came to learn about the factory’s unique history and to hear about the many stories that are woven into its very fabric.

Armed with L.E.D candles, visitors did battle against the darkness and headed up the stairs into the factory with tonight’s tour guide Leigh, dressed in his finery complete with bowler hat!  Leigh entertained the group with anecdotes of passed workers and stories about life in a Victorian factory.  The group spent some time in the Shroud room and also the wonderful time capsule that is the Stamp Room.

At the end of the tour apparently no one had seen any ghosts, but there were a few spooky moments that got people wondering if perhaps one of the original Newman brothers still walks the corridors and watches over the factory!

 With more Twilight Tours to come over the next week  I hope that all visitors enjoy their time at the factory, it truly is a mesmerising building and such a unique piece of Birmingham’s heritage.

3 Responses to “Doors Open for the first Twilight Tour at the Coffin Fitting Works…..”

  1. Paul November 1, 2012

    Came on the tour on 31st October, had a great time and enjoyed it. Learn’t a lot too. Could I suggest that the tour be extended in time, we we told to look around at the items made there and the account ledgers, but as soon as the guide had stopped talking we were off to the next room without chance to look. Didn’t detract too much from the evening and well done to all involved in organizing it.


    • Suzanne Carter November 1, 2012

      Hi Paul. Thanks for your feedback and glad you enjoyed it! Will pass on your suggestion to tour guides for rest of tours. Best wishes, Suzanne


  2. Sarah Ashley October 28, 2012

    It sounds pretty spooky, i can’t wait to come in and do my evening on the 1st of November!


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