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My six-week challenge to raise money for the Birmingham Conservation Trust: The results…

Posted July 3rd, 2012 by Suzanne Carter with No Comments


It was six weeks to the day that I set myself a challenge! (See my blog post dated 5th June)

I wanted to find an easy way to remember using the links on the BCT website to shop at Amazon, and also hundreds of other on-line retailers (through Spend and Raise), so BCT could earn a commission (referrers fee) on whatever I bought.

To be honest, the post-it note lost its stick pretty early on, but I am pleased to say that by then the challenge was firmly set in my mind.

At first I admit to feeling compelled to buy EVERYTHING I could on-line just to prove a point! But, I curbed my enthusiasm when I realised the delivery charge on the box of Twinings Tea I was looking at cost more than the tea itself!

Besides, the challenge wasn’t about buying more; it was about re-programming the way I shop on-line – which I think I have achieved. Here are the results….

I  bought:

  • 2 kids presents from The Entertainer – spent £15 (3% commission) money raised for BCT = £0.45p
  • rechargeable batteries through Amazon – spent £12.25 (5% commission) money rasied for BCT = £0.61p
  • 2 canisters of helium balloon for an event from Partybox – spent £78.14 (7.5% commission) money raised = £5.86
  • Booked a hotel room in Northampton through Expedia – spent £40.50 (6% commission) money raised for BCT = £2.43

I raised £9.35 for BCT in six weeks, simply by shopping via the BCT website. It didn’t cost me a penny more. Who would have thought fundrasing would be that easy!

Just think, if everyone of you reading this had a go – how much could be raised in the next six weeks?

Now there’s a challenge!!!






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