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Insight into Photography of the Staffordshire Hoard

Posted April 18th, 2012 by Birmingham Conservation Trust with No Comments
Earkly photos of the staffordshire hoard (not David's - but from Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery)

Early photos of the Staffordshire hoard (not David's - but from Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery)

I know a pile of gold isn’t a threatened building – but we love local heritage here at the trust.  I just wanted to share some really fascinating insights on how hi resolution imeages are taken of the hoard:

The images are created by first, producing up to 50 incrementally focussed macro photographs for each view of each object.

the photographer David Rowan tells us

The resulting high resolution and high definition photograph is fully sharp and detailed over the entire image surface, unlike conventional ‘single point of focus’ macro photography which usually consists of large unsharp areas inherent in standard macro-photography. Files are then adjusted to remove any lens distortion, moire and other production artefacts such as dust, reflections, fringing or background marks.


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