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Urban Explorers

Posted October 29th, 2011 by Birmingham Conservation Trust with 1 Comment

FORBIDDEN PLACES - Exploring our abandoned heritage

During the summer months I started to look into historic hospital buildings and during this time I came across ‘Urban Explorers’. They are a community of people who are dedicated to historic buildings and decay. They like to look around and take lots of photographs of places where they’re not really allowed to be…disused factories, old asylums and abandoned shipyards

These explorers are creating a historical record of the buildings they visit and many of their photographs have been used to raise awareness of abandoned industrial and hospital buildings, it has been the case that several buildings which have been explored have now been demolished.

If you want to take a look at some of the photographs, there are a selection of books which showcase this work: Forbidden Places, Abandoned Places II and Beauty in Decay. There is something fascinating about the images presented in these books and at the same time eerie which makes them a great read this Halloween (and make a good Christmas present..)!

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  1. Simon October 30, 2011

    Have you also seen this guy who does some Brum based industrial stuff?


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