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Eclipsed: The dark side of the Lunar Society

Posted April 29th, 2010 by Birmingham Conservation Trust with No Comments
A musical production - Eclipsed

A musical production - Eclipsed

The Lunar Society which became the main intellectual powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution in England gathered together for lively dinner conversations at Soho House. They were led by Erasmus Darwin, a man who pioneered theories of evolution. Other members included the entrepreneur Matthew Boulton,  James Watt an engineer whose inventions harnessed the power of steam, William Withering a pioneer with his work on the foxglove and Joseph Priestley who discovered oxygen. Their evening discussions covered various topics including philosophy, arts, science and commerce.  The Birmingham History Theatre Group’s latest production ‘Eclipsed: The dark side of the Lunar Society’ will give an insight into their dinner conversations and some interesting experiments! Where Matthew Boulton awaits the arrival of his fellow members at Soho House but as the night goes on events take a series of unexpected turns for all those staying in the house…

The play will be performed at St Paul’s School 20th and 22nd May 2010 to book please call 0121 464 4376.

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