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Join the National Trust and help us

Posted March 21st, 2010 by Birmingham Conservation Trust with No Comments
Click the image to go to the National Trust Membership site

Click the image to go to the National Trust Membership site

This weekend saw the doors creak open to visitors in hundreds of historic properties across Britain. If the spring sunshine has got you thinking of all the brilliant places you could visit then we would, naturally enough, encourage you to join the National Trust.

Why should you do such a generous thing? Not simply because it means your can visit hundreds of wonderful places for free – but also because we get a cut.

If you join the National Trust online using this link

then two wonderful things happen:

  1. The National Trust gives you 12 months for the price of 9 – because it’s cheaper for them to have you sign up online.
  2. We get 30% of the value of your membership as the National Trusts way of thanking us for encouraging you to join.

National Trust | Become a memberI think they’ll even send you some free binoculars too!

So you get:

  • membership of a remarkable organisation
  • free days out (ignoring the cost of tea and cakes)
  • the knowledge that you’ve supported two historic building charities in one fell online transaction.

For it to work you need to use this link:

If you’re want to know what else you can buy/sign up for and we get a cut then please take a look at

You can also support us by shopping through Amazon.

Thank you.

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