New Futures for Birmingham`s Historic Buildings

Some links for March 11th through to March 20th

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These are our links for March 11th through March 20th:

  • Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery, West Midlands – Birmingham Museums & Art Gallery – Aston Hall, Blakesley Hall, Sarehole Mill and Soho House open their doors again from 2nd April 2010. The community museums will be open every week on Tuesday to Sunday from 12pm to 4pm until October 31st.
  • English Buildings: Conderton, Worcestershire – ….. “waggonettes and landaus, seed potatoes and hay, Bovril and Bile Beans”
  • Archaeological News from Archaeology Magazine – Arcahaeology and the moon – Thinking ahead: “Space archaeologists want to make sure that unique places like the moon landing site of the Apollo 11 mission are protected. Could future “moon tourists” loot and destroy this “sacred site of world history?” “Can you imagine someone driving a cart of Neil Armstrong’s first footprint?” asks Peter Capelotti of Penn State University.”
  • Nearly 600 signatures today!! « Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery – A remarkable day collecting signatures Tor protect these Victorian Chapels: “The Friends managed to get nearly 600 signatures towards the Save Our Chapels campaign today. Sadly Mothering Sunday is one of the busiest days in Brandwood End Cemetery but visitors were so lovely and supportive, and nearly everyone we spoke to signed our petition.”
  • Consultation is dead, big plans are deader | Pete Ashton – “Cities are chaotic and vibrant and alive. They cannot and should not be controlled. Certainly they should be safe, well lit and well connected but you can’t plan for what they’ll be used for. What you can do is drop in some nice big coral reefs and see what sort of fishes start gathering around them. Then you feed the fishes.”
  • BBC News – High-speed rail plans announced by government – Curzon Street could be the new terminus for a high speed rail lionk according to the Transport Minister Lord Adonis: “Subject to this consultation, the London terminus for the high-speed line would be Euston, the Birmingham city centre station would be at Curzon Street, and there would be interchange stations with Crossrail west of Paddington and near Birmingham airport.”

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