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Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery epetition

Posted December 10th, 2009 by Birmingham Conservation Trust with No Comments

Brandwood End Cemetery has twin Grade II-listed Mortuary chapels which are in need of restoration and improvements.

Brandwood End Mortuary Chapels

Brandwood End Mortuary Chapels

The chapels make the centrepiece of the cemetery and are designed by Birmingham-architect J. Brewin Holmes in the Gothic style of terracotta and red brick. Sadly, a fire made the chapels unfit for use several years ago. Unless funds are raised to survey and carry out expert restoration work, they will continue to deteriorate. You can read more about the history of the chapels on the Friends of Brandwood End Cemetery (FBEC) website.

In 2008, FBEC worked with Birmingham Conservation Trust on options appraisals for the cemetery chapels, looking approaches to their restoration. However when councillors at Birmingham City Council saw the options they decided to take matters back into their own hands, which  has put a stop to any further work on restoration. The Friends Association have launched an epetition to re-initiate work on the chapels.

Sarah Courbet, whose mother set up the Friends Assocation to maintain the landscape and restore the chapels for the community, said:

“There are twin Grade II listed chapels that are in desperate need of repair and restoration and we are not having much luck with the owners, Birmingham City Council.¬† They are seriously beautiful buildings and will fall down if we don’t do something soon.

We would dearly like the chapels to be once again used by the community but need serious funds for this to happen.”

The Association is asking for people to show their support for the restoration of the chapels by signing an e-petition to the council.

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