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Simple ways to support this charity if you are involved in business.

Posted November 1st, 2009 by Birmingham Conservation Trust with 2 Comments

buy.at_birminghamconservation - The webshop for Birmingham Conservation Trust

Last week Jon Bounds and I spent a night in London as part of some work we were doing.  Both of us booked our hotel through  the Birmingham Conservation Trust  web shop:

As a result the Conservation Trust took a proportion of each booking – in total £12.

These are modest amounts of money, but clearly if many businesses and business folk  do the same it will help towards covering the Trusts core costs, which we only normally cover through project work. For Podnosh I routinely use the link to buy stationery, electronics, books, travel and much more. Last month doing what I would have done anyway made the trust nearly £20 better off.  As Christmas approaches I expect it will mean even more income.

So how does this work?  It’s what’s know as an “affiliate” system.   Prices are the same as normal – we’re just getting a cut from the marketing chunk of their budget.  That cut varies from 1% up to 20% – with some vendors – such as  Sky – we can get up to £150.00 if you sign up for some of their services through the site.  Good eh!

If you run a business here are some links and websites which you might want to shop with – oh and the percentage (as of November 2009) cut we get of your spend.  For it to work you need to use these link or the links at

Office Supplies and Stationery:

Electronics and other stuff:

Utilities – energy insurance etc


Thank you.

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