New Futures for Birmingham`s Historic Buildings

Saving the Highline : campaigning for historic buildings using design and photography.

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This video is an enjoyable and enlightening few minutes on how to campaign to save historic architecture. It’s well worth a few minutes of you time.  As the site which hosts it says:

In 1999, when a historic elevated rail line was about to be demolished in NYC, Robert Hammond and Joshua David “raised the flag,” and began a 10-year battle to not only preserve the trestle, but to breathe new life into it. Just before the breathtaking “High Line” park opened to the public in 2009, Hammond shares insights about seeing a large-scale community project to fruition.

Those insights include:

  • making conscious use of good design from the beginning
  • allowing photography to show the virtues of what you are doing
  • having unexpected voices speaking on your behalf
  • using the mayor’s opposition to rally support
  • make the financial case so public servants can support you.

The Highline is now a remarkable high rise walk green walk way through the city which is a testament to the vision of this small group and the imagination of New York.  This link was very kindly sent to us by Chris Unitt.

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