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First support coming in for Newman Brothers

Posted September 15th, 2009 by Birmingham Conservation Trust with 2 Comments
No Access from Wayne Fox on Twitter - click to see the original

No Access from Wayne Fox on Twitter - click to see the original

The first couple of people have stepped forward to show their support for Newman Brothers following Heritage Open Days over the weekend.

Ian at 7 inch cinema has used their blog to highlight the problem at Newman Brothers whilst Josh Hart has written to his MP, the Minister for the West Midlands Ian Austin MP and also Mick Laverty, the Chief Executive of AWM.  Here’s what he told them:

I am writing to express my concern at the apparent withdrawal of funding for the AWM Coffin Works Project.

This feels incredibly short-sighted and, I hope, is an error that can be corrected. I understand that funding is tough but it feels like this has been almost randomly cut as part of a major cull of current projects.

The site is actually owned by AWM who have an obligation to maintain it in some capacity as it is Grade II listed so some funding will still be required whether this project continues or not.

More information about the current situation can be found at

Please do everything possible to save this wonderful project.

I think he’s said it really. If you write in support of the project please use the link in Josh’s letter for more details of how etc and let us know at  This is just the start. Keep them coming.

2 Responses to “First support coming in for Newman Brothers”

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  2. mr r solanis October 25, 2009

    without doubt the newman factory on fleet street has the potential to be a successful visitor attraction for young and old alike funding must be forthcoming before the building deteriorates further

    mr r solanis


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