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Heritage Open Day 2009 – how to book a place to see Newman Brother’s

Posted September 7th, 2009 by Birmingham Conservation Trust with 3 Comments

If you want to look around the Newman Brothers Coffin works this coming Friday 11th or Saturday 12th September please contact us to book a place.  We’re doing some timed tours:

Here are the details including how to book.


10 mins walk from New Street and Snow Hill Stations via Central Library underpass or via Newhall St.

Public Transport Details

There is a good bus service to the site – bus route 101 (West Midlands Transport) with stops on Charlotte Street, Lionel Street, and Newhall Street.

Opening Times

Friday 11th September: 1100-1600
Saturday 12th September: 1100-1600

Pre-Booking Required?

Yes – To book please email ‘;l[1]=’a’;l[2]=’/’;l[3]=”;l[40]='”‘;l[41]=’ 107′;l[42]=’ 117′;l[43]=’ 46′;l[44]=’ 118′;l[45]=’ 111′;l[46]=’ 103′;l[47]=’ 46′;l[48]=’ 109′;l[49]=’ 97′;l[50]=’ 104′;l[51]=’ 103′;l[52]=’ 110′;l[53]=’ 105′;l[54]=’ 109′;l[55]=’ 114′;l[56]=’ 105′;l[57]=’ 98′;l[58]=’ 64′;l[59]=’ 115′;l[60]=’ 110′;l[61]=’ 105′;l[62]=’ 107′;l[63]=’ 114′;l[64]=’ 101′;l[65]=’ 112′;l[66]=’ 46′;l[67]=’ 104′;l[68]=’ 116′;l[69]=’ 101′;l[70]=’ 98′;l[71]=’ 97′;l[72]=’ 122′;l[73]=’ 105′;l[74]=’ 108′;l[75]=’ 101′;l[76]=’:’;l[77]=’o’;l[78]=’t’;l[79]=’l’;l[80]=’i’;l[81]=’a’;l[82]=’m’;l[83]='”‘;l[84]=’=’;l[85]=’f’;l[86]=’e’;l[87]=’r’;l[88]=’h’;l[89]=’a ‘;l[90]=’= 0; i=i-1){
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// ]]> or telephone 0121 303 2664

Limited Capacity Details

Max 15 per tour

Additional Information

Sturdy footwear advised. Wheelchair access to central courtyard only.

3 Responses to “Heritage Open Day 2009 – how to book a place to see Newman Brother’s”

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  2. diane morgan September 12, 2009

    My friend and i were booked on a tour of the Newman Bros Coffin works on Sat 12/9 but we plus 2 others we met in Fleet St unfortunately were not able to find it. We were very sorry to have missed the tour and wandered if you do tours at any other time.


    • Nick Booth September 12, 2009

      I’m really sorry to hear that, I’m not sure when the next one will be. If you use the subcribe to our newsletter link on the left we should be able to keep you informed with what’s going on.


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