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Ashton & Moore (Metal Colourers) Ltd.

Posted November 4th, 2008 by Birmingham Conservation Trust with 4 Comments
3 Legge Lane - Ashton & More. Photo by focalplane, whos father ran the business.

3 Legge Lane - Ashton & More. Photo by focalplane, who's father ran the business.

There is a wonderful short history at the end of this link of Ashton & Moore, a Birmingham firm specialising in coatings for the aerospace industry.  It is written by Paul Ashton, the son of the Leslie Ashton, who was one of tow men who founded the business.  It moved to Legge Lane before WW2 and Paul recalls:

When I was young I remember listening to my father tell of nights spent on the roof of the factory, extinguishing incendiary bombs in a bucket of sand.  In this way it can be said that he played a significant role in both World Wars.

A major part of my growing up was spent at Legge Lane and I can remember the geography of the place in surprising detail as well as the many characters who formed the payroll of around sixty men and women.

I have been back more recently and the place has changed little.  Here is a photo taken in Legge Lane in 2005.  The original 3 Legge lane has the impressive terra-cotta frontage on three floors.  When I was a child the ground floor was for goods receiving and dispatch, the first floor for offices, laboratory and canteen, the second floor for the spray shop.  Plating and anodizing were carried out at the rear of the premises, over two floors.

The Works Canteen was run by two ladies, hard working Brummies with the names Mrs. Dabbs (cook) and Mrs. Munn (everything else).  All the Foreman knew me and I was very respectful of their positions within the company.  Sad to say I don’t remember all their names so it is best not to mention any!

The company still exists (link), although the family connection has gone.  Paul took the photo above (and others in the JQ) and his son, Pete Ashton, remains a passionate photographer, who’s recorded many of Birmingham’s most interesting buildings. In this set you can find other images of Ashton & Moore.

4 Responses to “Ashton & Moore (Metal Colourers) Ltd.”

  1. Nick Booth November 5, 2008


    Thank you. I’m always excited to find other people who are using the web to share the nooks and crannies of Birmingham’s heritage.


  2. Paul Ashton November 5, 2008


    Thank you for featuring the new site on my father’s history in the Jewellery Quarter. I am sure he would think what you are doing at BCT is most interesting and rewarding.

    When I started to design the site I did it for my own sense of satisfaction – to put something down before it was all lost. Now I recognize it is also of interest to others and I encourage those who have access to some untold piece of Birmingham history to do the same!


    • Tim ashton September 2, 2018

      Hi Paul,

      Just found this post.

      The old Ashton and Moore building is currently turning into flats. The frontage is preserved.

      Tim Ashton.


      • Vicki Cox September 5, 2018

        Dear Tim,
        Thanks for letting us know.


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