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National Trust launch `50 things to do before you turn 11 and three quarters’

Posted April 24th, 2012 by Birmingham Conservation Trust

Have you ever caught a crab, gone wild swimming or rolled down a really big hill? We all have fond memories of doing things like this in the great oudoors… As a child I fondly remember competing with my sister to see who could climb the furthest up a tree, and collecting snails to see how far they could race each other…as well as spending hours hunting for different kinds of bugs. But according to a report produced by the National Trust nowadays a child is more likely to be able to recognise a dalek than identify a magpie or tell the difference between a bee and wasp!  Compared to a generation ago children spend less time exploring the outdoors and apparently a third of children have never even climbed a tree, and 20% aren’t allowed to play conkers or even play tag! As a response to the report and in order to try and save our ‘cotton wool’ children the National Trust has launched ‘50 things to do before you turn 11 and three quarters’ as a way of encouraging kids and parents alike to explore the countryside and nature and leave the computer consoles and tv at home…

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It ranges from simple things like eating an apple straight from a tree, or exploring creatures in a pond to more adventurous things like bouldering, geocaching and abseiling. It’s completely free and you can pick up a booklet at a participating National Trust property and then when you get home, you can log adventures on the 50 things website, and get rewards for each adventure completed, and the ultimate medal when all 50 are completed. Once the family have registered on the website they can also find tips on where to go and which of the ‘50 things’ they can do in different places. I have to admit…looking at the list there are some I still do (like hunting for bugs!) and there are quite a few I have never done …I’ve never dammed a stream or brought up a butterfly and certainly have no idea how to call an owl …so think I’ll have a go and try and complete all 50…!

Check out the 50 things website and see how many of the 50 things you’ve done…


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